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Inheritest 500 Plus Panel

Understanding more means empowering more

The new Inheritest panel will help you empower your patients with an expanded breadth of genetic information, that can help guide family planning and treatment decisions.

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As technologies advance, your patients are asking for even more insight as they plan for the future. In many cases, based on existing and new treatment options, early and comprehensive knowledge can significantly enhance prenatal decision-making and neonatal care. One of the first carrier screens of this size, the Inheritest® 500 PLUS Panel provides expanded gene coverage for hundreds of clinically-relevant genetic disorders. And know that our team will support you and your patients every step of the way.

Outstanding gene coverage

  • Panel comprised of more than 500 genes, each associated with a clinically-relevant genetic disorder.
  • Thoughtful disorder selection based on ACOG and ACMG criteria and backed by our expert team. These disorders are focused on severity, early childhood onset, and increased childhood mortality.
  • Many disorders may benefit from early medical intervention.  

Inheritest® 500 PLUS Panel

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