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Posters, brochures, and webinars

At Integrated Genetics, our in-house physicians, genetic counselors, and scientists are dedicated to charting new courses in genetic testing, delivering new data, and doing all they can to keep our community of health care professionals up-to-speed with cutting-edge clinical content and patient-friendly collateral.

Clinical validation papers and posters

We have dozens of posters and papers that will help you better understand the science that fuels our family of tests. All are available to download at no charge and no account is required.

Sample reports

We provide sample reports for just about every test we offer. 

Brochures for patients and providers

We have both patient- and provider-facing brochures detailing every major test we offer.

All patient materials are written in straightforward language, and can help proactively address questions and concerns patients may have about serum screening, carrier screening, prenatal testing (such as cfDNA testing), diagnostic testing, hereditary cancer screening, and more.

Visit any major test page and simply click the "Download a brochure" link.

Informed consent forms

Informed consent—typically given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of both possible risks and benefits—is critical, which is why we’re happy to equip you with forms to give to your patients.

Transport SDS and Aspiration SDS

Foundation for SMFM

2019 Foundation for SMFM Mentorship Video

Foundation programs promote mentorship. Hear from three past recipients of our Quilligan Scholars program, Queenan Fellowships for Global Health, and Bridge Funding award about the impact of funding from the Foundation on their careers.

MaterniT 21 PLUS with Mosaicism Ratio