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Your patients deserve more, so you should expect more from an NIPT


Your patients deserve more, so you should expect more from an NIPT

9 weeks

MaterniT 21 PLUS will deliver highly reliable test results earlier in pregnancy than other NIPTs1-4

A low non-reportable rate combined with rapid results in 3-5 calendar days*5 may provide valuable information earlier in pregnancy when critical pregnancy management decisions need to be made. This can be especially important in high risk pregnancies, and when drawing early at 9 weeks’ gestational age.

Test failures and patient redraws add unnecessary cost and time, and may create anxiety for patients and healthcare providers if decisions are pushed later into pregnancy. MaterniT 21 PLUS has a very low 0.9%published non-reportable rate for trisomies 13, 18, 21, and a low 2.08% non-reportable rate on samples drawn at 9 weeks7, five times lower than the 10.7% non-reportable rate published by another lab.8

3-5 days


*Once sample is received at our lab in San Diego


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