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A fully validated genome-wide NIPT


A fully validated genome-wide NIPT


Like most NIPTs, MaterniT® GENOME screens for common trisomies (such as 21, 18, and 13) and fetal sex.

Like some more comprehensive NIPTs, it also screens for sex chromosome aneuploidies, and analyzes seven clinically significant microdeletion regions.

Unlike any other NIPT to date, MaterniT GENOME also analyzes every chromosome and can provide information about clinically relevant microdeletions and gains or losses of chromosome material ≥ 7 Mb across the genome.

By combining increased sequencing depth with industry-leading expertise, the MaterniT GENOME test offers a breadth of coverage unlike any other noninvasive prenatal test available to date.

GENOME high risk

When should you use MaterniT GENOME tests?

MaterniT GENOME is an ideal fit for high-risk pregnancies where a patient may wish to avoid a diagnostic procedure, or where screening for common aneuploidies may not be enough.

What will you see with the MaterniT GENOME test?

This chart shows a summary of the 453 positive results seen by your peers. To view turnaround times, specimen requirements and other clinical details, view MaterniT GENOME in the test menu.

GENOME reason

Additional NIPT options

  • MaterniT 21 PLUS: the pioneering NIPT with more than 1 million tests run1; screens the more well-known trisomies 21, 18, and 13, fetal sex, and (optionally) clinically relevant microdeletions, sex chromosome aneuploidies, and trisomies 16 and 22. Learn more

Other testing options

In addition to NIPT, we also offer: serum screeningcarrier screening, from comprehensive to single-genediagnostic testing that can be used on prenatal and products of conception (POC) samples, as well as pediatric, cord blood or adult samples; and hereditary cancer screening.

MaternIT Kit

Upgraded MaterniT specimen collection kit

The upgraded MaterniT specimen collection kit features new branding for better kit identification and fewer components – including one 10 mL Streck tube instead of two – for improved ease of use.

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