Stuart Schwartz

Stuart Schwartz, PhD

Discipline Director, Cytogenetics, Labcorp
Phone Number: 919-572-7415
Email: [email protected]

Dr Schwartz is board certified in medical genetics, clinical cytogenetics, and clinical molecular genetics. He earned a PhD in medical genetics from Indiana University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. His major areas of interest include molecular cytogenetics, the delineation and characterization of neocentromeres, phenotype/karyotype correlation in the 9p deletion syndrome, the etiology of structural chromosome abnormalities, the characterization of de novo and complex reciprocal translocations, and high-resolution chromosome methodology. In addition to authoring a number of book chapters, Dr Schwartz has authored more than 160 articles for peer-reviewed journals.

Team: Discipline Director
Specialties: Cytogenetics