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Carrier screening for all patient backgrounds and needs

More than ever, carrier screening is about early awareness, empowerment and access for all in order to prepare for the future. With continuing advancements in treatment options, comprehensive knowledge can significantly enhance family planning and neonatal care.

Carrier Screening Choices

With a wide array of testing choices, Labcorp can help you meet your patients' needs. Our carrier screening offerings include Inheritest—with seven panels: 500 PLUS, 300 PLUS, 100 PLUS, High Frequency Panel, 14-gene Panel, Core Panel, CF/SMA Panel—and many single-gene tests for patients who may only want to screen for a specific disorder, such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy or fragile X syndrome.

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Focused partner testing and a “single source”

Should a patient receive a positive screen result, we offer full-gene sequencing for her reproductive partner to identify more disorder-causing variants and at-risk pregnancies.

Additionally, using Labcorp as your single source for carrier screening, prenatal testing (eg, serum screening and noninvasive prenatal screening), prenatal diagnostic testing, and hereditary cancer testing creates efficiencies in ordering and processing tests for you, your staff, and your patients.

Labcorp is one of the only companies that can offer this true continuity of care. Explore other testing options and services below.

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