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Genetic counseling services focused on patients

Labcorp's genetic counselors translate and communicate genetic information into practical, understandable terms. They identify genetic risks, explain appropriate genetic testing options, discuss the implications of test results, and help patients make thoughtful genetic health care decisions.

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We offer two types of counseling

With more than 25 years of experience in Women's Health, Labcorp offers the largest national commercial network of genetic counselors. We provide a broad range of counseling services, including those for prenatal and preconception, infertility, and hereditary cancer care. We offer two types of counseling: a comprehensive session and a session specific to a patient’s results.

Comprehensive genetic counseling

  • Genetic risk assessment, including a review of the patient’s personal and family medical histories and genetic test results
  • Patient education about genetic risk factors and appropriate testing options
  • Patient information and support for informed decision-making
  • Coordinated patient care to assist you in offering the right test at the right time to the right patient
  • Written consultation summary sent to the referring health care provider

Comprehensive genetic counseling is available through our Telegenetic Counseling to You program. Telegenetic Counseling to You provides an audio and video connection between the patient and the genetic counselor which allows them to see and hear each other during the genetic counseling session. The patient can access Telegenetic Counseling To You conveniently from their home or office. They can set up an appointment for this program by using the online scheduling tool.

Contact your Integrated Genetics sales representative if you would like more information about telegenetic counseling or in-person genetic counseling.

Genetic results counseling

  • Targeted discussion between the patient and a genetic counselor about the results of Integrated Genetics or Labcorp testing
  • Based on the result, an overview of any relevant follow-up testing that should be considered
  • Written consultation summary provided to the referring physician and patient
  • Does not include family medical history discussion
  • No additional charge for genetic results counseling

This service is available by phone and can be easily scheduled by your patient through our online scheduling tool.

Common Genetic Counseling Indications

Common indications

Reproductive Genetic Counseling

  • Reproductive risks stemming from family or personal history of a genetic condition, birth defect, or intellectual disability
  • Mother being 35 years old or more at time of delivery
  • Abnormal genetic testing or ultrasound results
  • Exposure to medications or other agents that may cause harm, including use of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Multiple pregnancy losses
  • Infertility suspected of having a genetic cause

Common Indications

Hereditary Cancer Genetic Counseling

  • Breast cancer at age 50 or younger or multiple breast cancer diagnoses in the same person
  • Breast or pancreatic cancer with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry
  • Colorectal or uterine cancer at age 50 or younger
  • Ovarian cancer at any age
  • Male breast cancer at any age
  • A combination of breast, ovarian, or pancreatic cancers in the same person or on the same side of the family
  • A previously identified hereditary cancer mutation
  • Abnormal tumor marker results suggestive of a hereditary cancer syndrome

Genetic Counseling FAQ

  • What does a genetic counseling session look like?

    Typically, a genetic counseling session is an in-person, audio or video conversation between a patient and a genetic counselor that can be up to 30 minutes in length. Together, the genetic counselor and patient can review general genetic concepts and discuss pertinent family and medical history, results of any testing performed and any relevant follow-up testing that should be considered.

    We offer two types of genetic counseling: Genetic results counseling and comprehensive genetic counseling.

    Genetic results counseling is a targeted discussion between the patient and a genetic counselor about the results of Labcorp testing. This service can be implemented into your practice to help streamline and support results delivery, informed decision-making and patient care.

    Comprehensive genetic counseling includes a more in-depth discussion with a genetic counselor. Topics may include personal and family medical histories, as well as education about genetic risk factors and appropriate testing options.

    Genetic results counseling and comprehensive genetic counseling sessions can typically be billed to a patient's insurance, although coverage will depend on the patient’s plan.

  • Who is a candidate for genetic counseling?

    Genetic counseling is an option for anyone who is considering genetic testing or screening or wants to discuss the results of genetic testing. For some patients the testing process may be complex, and it is important to have a trusted source to help answer questions.

    Reproductive genetic counseling can help patients better understand reproductive risks that may be related to a genetic cause. It can also help patients better understand fertility challenges, infertility or abnormal prenatal genetic screening results. Hereditary cancer counseling is commonly indicated for those with a family history of breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer (especially at an early age), or patients who have a family member with a previously identified hereditary cancer mutation.

  • Why would someone be referred to a genetic counselor?

    A patient may be referred to genetic counseling for a common indication, such as abnormal reproductive or prenatal genetic screening results, or for hereditary cancer or family history of cancer. Patients may also be referred following a diagnosis of a genetic condition to provide information and improve understanding of the condition, and to discuss potential implications to future family planning.

  • How can genetic counseling help my patients and practice?

    Genetic counseling can be valuable to any practice that routinely orders genetic screening or diagnostic testing for their patients. These sessions can help translate and communicate genetic information using practical, understandable terms, supporting patients as they make thoughtful genetic healthcare decisions. By incorporating genetic counseling into your practice, whether in-person/in-house or through a telegenetic platform, you can spend more time focusing on your patients' care and streamline your workflow.