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Get carrier screening, serum screening, NIPT, diagnostic testing, and hereditary cancer testing—all from one lab

It’s time for a more convenient and more comprehensive genetic testing experience for you and your patients.

Comprehensive Genetic Testing

At Labcorp, we offer continuity of care, from pre-pregnancy screens and pediatric diagnostics to cancer testing. Your patients can get all of the genetic tests they need from the same company.

Our support of you and your patients goes beyond testing services with genetic counseling services, financial assistance programs, and an online cost estimator to provide details about potential out-of-pocket costs.

  • Carrier Screening

With Inheritest, we offer panel choice for your patients—500 PLUS, Comprehensive, Ashkenazi Jewish, Society-guided, Core and CF/SMA panels, as well as many single-gene testing options.

If a patient result is positive, we offer full gene sequencing for her reproductive partner, focusing exclusively on the gene of interest to deliver more relevant information.

  • Prenatal screening

For the first and second trimesters, Labcorp offers choice through both serum screening and noninvasive prenatal testing—NIPT, sometimes called NIPS or cfDNA (cell-free DNA screening) options, including a whole-genome NIPT, our most robust NIPT offering.

  • Diagnostic tests

When your patient’s baby is identified as being at increased risk for certain disorders based on screening tests or abnormal ultrasound—or even if you or your patient simply want to start with as much accurate information as possible—we can help with a range of diagnostic tests, including prenatal, POC and pediatric or cord blood offerings. Where some genetic testing companies require patients to go elsewhere for diagnostic testing, we offer continuity.

  • Hereditary cancer testing

The continuity of care we offer you and your patients extends beyond reproductive testing into hereditary cancer testing as well.

Here, we also offer choice. BRCAssure focuses primarily on genetic indicators of ovarian and breast cancers, while VistaSeq offers 12 panel options that cover genetic mutations known to be associated with an increased risk of developing hereditary cancers (pancreatic, colorectal, endometrial, gastric, prostate cancers, and more).

  • Women's Health

Labcorp is a one-source laboratory provider offering testing and services from screening to diagnosis, and counseling to support the continuum of your patient’s care.