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What does Labcorp offer for Women’s Health offer that other laboratories do not? THE FULL PICTURE.

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Virtual workflow for pregnancy management Click any tile to explore our virtual workflow
  • Genetics Education Videos – patient videos featuring our board-certified genetic counselors, learn about basic genetics concepts, navigate available testing options, understand patient results.
  • Partners in Pregnancy Program – from preconception to delivery, Labcorp offers a full range of tests and services for obstetric care. Learn more about Labcorp’s Partners in Pregnancy program.
  • Patient literature – resources educate patients on reproductive genetics and women's health topics.
  • Generic education checklist—Flyer outlining the steps a pregnant patient should take when genetic testing is recommended that can be customized to your practice. Download the checklist.


We work directly with your patients to provide price transparency, and access to affordable genetic testing, with options designed to meet patient’s individual financial needs.

Customer portal integration to meet the unique needs of your practice.

  • Electronic Health Records connectivity – interfaces with more than 600 EHR vendors to help with test ordering and results delivery.

Lab testing and test instructions are available to you, electronically, via EHR or Labcorp Link™, or by standard, or editable test requisition form.

  • Labcorp LinkTM – to order tests, automatically transfer orders to Patient Service Center (PSC); and have patients drawn before, or without, visiting your office. Click here to learn more
  • AccuDraw® – combines onscreen visual cues with specimen collection, handling, and shipping instructions. Click here to learn more
  • Editable Test Requisition Form (eTRF) – electronically fillable TRFs available here.
  • Informed Consent for Genetic Testing – form to assist you with obtaining a patient’s informed consent in accordance with applicable law.

Please refer to our Labcorp Test Menu or Women's Health Test Menu for our competitive result turnaround times.

Inheritest (Comprehensive, Society-Guided, and Ashkenazi-Jewish panels)11-16 days
Inheritest Core (CF, SMA, and fragile X)9 to 14 days
Inheritest single-gene screens14 to 21 days
Serum screening (FirstScreen, etc.)2 to 5 days
NIPT (MaterniT 21 PLUS, MaterniT GENOME)5 to 7 days
Diagnostic testing (Reveal)2 weeks
Hereditary cancer screening: BRCAssure10 to 28 days (varies by assay)
Hereditary cancer screening: VistaSeq24 to 28 days

For additional result turnaround times, please refer to our Labcorp Test Menu or Women's Health Test Menu.

Lab testing and resulting has never been safer, or easier, with our new processes. Labcorp offers several options for COVID-19 tests that identify if individuals are infected, or may have been affected, with coronavirus.

National network of credentialed genetic counselors providing access to genetics expertise.

  • Online scheduling – patients can schedule an appointment online or calling 855-GC-CALLS (855-422-2557).
  • Genetic Results Counseling – when you inform your patients of their results first and then refer them to our genetic counselor to discuss the results and next steps.
  • Genetic Results Reporting – when our genetic counselor informs the patient about their abnormal test result and discusses next steps.
  • Telegenetic counseling – genetic counseling via audio and video connection so patients receive services where and when convenient.

Client services and in-house expertise to support your diagnostic testing decision-making.

  • Dedicated reproductive genetics sales team – a single go-to resource to understand and support your needs.
  • Laboratory genetic counselors – in-house genetic counselors to support your clinical questions across our entire screening to diagnostic portfolio. Available by calling 800-345-4363.
  • Client Services:
    • Labcorp Client Services: 800-345-4363

Delivering a streamlined and effective virtual workflow for pregnancy management

Now more than ever, we’re here for you and your patients. Partnering with Labcorp for all your patient testing needs, including both COVID-19 PCR and antibody tests, can assist you in delivering the best possible care, while helping improve practice efficiency and management.

Whether you want to order a cutting-edge genetic test or routine women’s health testing, you can rely on Labcorp to enhance your patient’s pregnancy experience and support your laboratory needs every step of the way.

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