Lupus Anticoagulant/Cardiolipin Antibody (Esoterix)

CPT 85598; 85610; 85613(x2); 85670; 85730; 85732(x2); 86146(x3); 86147(x2)

Test Details

Special Instructions

This test will reflex to Immediate aPTT Mixing Studies if aPTT is more than three seconds above the upper end of the reference interval.

Test Includes

Anticardiolipin antibody, IgG; anticardiolipin antibody, IgM; APTT; APTT 1:1 NP; APTT 1:1 saline; β2-glycoprotein I, IgA; β2-glycoprotein I, IgG; β2-glycoprotein I, IgM; dilute Russell's viper venom time (dRVVT) confirm seconds; dilute Russell's viper venom time (dRVVT) ratio; dilute Russell's viper venom time (dRVVT) screen seconds; hexagonal phospholipid neutral; INR; lupus anticoagulant interpretation; prothrombin time; thrombin time


Clot; enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)

Specimen Requirements

Information on collection, storage, and volume


Plasma and serum, frozen


Three tubes of citrated plasma with 2 mL each and 2 mL serum


Blue-top (sodium citrate) tubes and red-top tube or gel-barrier tube

Storage Instructions



Plasma and serum must be separated from cells within 45 minutes of venipuncture. Send plasma and serum in plastic transport tubes. To avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, please submit separate frozen specimens for each test requested.