Our Experts

Technical Director

Andrea Penton, PhD

Technical Director, Clinical Cytogenetics, Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology, Labcorp

Technical Director

Karen Phillips, PhD, FACMG

Technical Director in Cytogenetics; Biochemical Genetics (limited to acetylcholinesterase and fetal hemoglobin)

Technical Director

Hiba Risheg, PhD, FACMG

Labcorp Cytogenetics Technical Director

Katie Rudd, PhD, FACMG

Cytogenetics Director, Labcorp

Discipline Director

Stuart Schwartz, PhD

Discipline Director, Cytogenetics, Labcorp

Sydney Strickland, PhD, DABCC

Laboratory Director, Biochemical Genetics and Maternal Serum Screening, Labcorp Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology (CMBP); Discipline Director of Biochemical Genetics

Discipline Director

James H. Tepperberg, PhD

Director of Cytogenetics and Discipline Director for FISH, Labcorp

Discipline Director

André Valcour, PhD, MBA, DABCC

Vice President and Laboratory Director, Center for Esoteric Testing, Labcorp; Discipline Director of Allergy, Coagulation (Core Lab), and Endocrinology, Labcorp

Discipline Director

Joseph M. Volpe, PhD

Discipline Director, Clinical Neuroscience, Labcorp

Manya Warrier, Ph.D.

Varient Scientist, Labcorp

Vivian Weinblatt, MS, CGC, ABMG, ABGC

Director of Clinical Education and Medical Affairs, Licensed, certified, Genetic counselor

Technical Director

Alecia Willis, PhD, FACMG

Technical Director, Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology, Labcorp/Integrated Genetics, RTP, NC

Discipline Director

Philip R. Wyatt, MD, PhD

Discipline Director, Biochemical Genetics, Labcorp

Jane M Yang, MD

Director, Medical Science, Labcorp

Zhaoqing Zhou, PhD, FACMG

Clinical Molecular Geneticist/Clinical Laboratory Director, Labcorp, Westborough MA.