MaterniT 21 PLUS Is the Only NIPS to Offer GENOME-Flex, a New NIPS High Risk Pathway1

Once an NIPS test has been run and billed to insurance, future screening options for the MFM or obstetrician become limited should anomalies be suspected later in pregnancy.

A confirmatory diagnostic procedure may be recommended according to clinical practice and society guidelines, but this option may not be desired by the patient. MaterniT 21 PLUS provides a new alternative, a pathway to rapidly re-sequence previously run MaterniT 21 PLUS samples using the deeper sequencing power of MaterniT GENOME. Often no redraw is required,* results available in approximately 72 hours, and a different insurance billing path is followed (as shown below) saving considerable time by eliminating new appointments and waiting for test results as shown below.

MaterniT 21 PLUS will deliver many advantages to your practice, but most importantly it will give you back time.

redraw icon graphic
Pathway timeline

*In the rare case the initial MaterniT 21 PLUS specimen was used in its entirety during the initial test, a specimen redraw may be required.

Specimen handling

  • MaterniT 21 PLUS specimen is saved until term
  • Saved specimen can be re-sequenced during the pregnancy, eliminating time for a redraw

Ordering GENOME-Flex

  • Can be ordered by the referring obstetrician or the MFM, regardless of who ordered the initial MaterniT 21 PLUS test – for maximum flexibility
  • Order by phone, fax, or online interface

Rapid results

  • Results provided back to referring obstetrician, MFM, or both – in approximately 72 hours